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Leadership Style Indicator

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This summary uses your responses to the questions to examine how you relate to six different styles of leadership. No one of these aspects of leadership is any more or less important than any of the others, - they complement and balance each other. Clearly too, this report is based only on your answers. For each area your answers are combined to give a rating between 5 and 25, where a score of 25 would suggest that you see yourself as very strong in this area, and a score of 5 indicates that you do not see this as your area of strength. The important thing is to look at the relative scores between the areas. Do take time to appreciate, and thank God for the strengths you have in leadership. You may also like to think and pray about who else in your church or organisation has leadership strengths in the areas where you score less well. If this feedback summary gives you any surprises, do talk it through with someone who knows you well - it may be that one or two particular questions or your interpretation of them have unduly impacted your scores Transfer your scores from the indicator to the table below, taking care to subtract the score you awarded to the questions given in the final row of the table. This will give scores for each of the areas. For some people they will be clustered quite closely together, others will have more variation - this is a function of how closely you grouped your scoring. Pioneering Leadership Q1 Q11 Q20 Q26 Add 6 Subtotal - Q4 Strategic Leadership Q8 Q10 Q16 Q28 Add 6 Subtotal - Q21 Management / Administration Q2 Q9 Q18 Q24 Add 6 Subtotal - Q15 Team Leadership Q6 Q12 Q25 Q30 Add 6 Subtotal - Q23 Pastoral Leadership Q7 Q14 Q22 Q29 Add 6 Subtotal - Q17 Encouraging Leadership Q3 Q5 Q13 Q19 Add 6 Subtotal - Q27

Pioneering Leadership. (q1+q11+q20+q26+(6-q4)) Within pioneering leadership we consider those who are willing to push themselves, and take appropriate risks in striving to move forwards to discover and...


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