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Time to Water the Tree of Library

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Time to Water the Tree of Liberty
by Dr. William Pierce
Today we'll talk about a subject we've spoken about often in the past, and that is freedom, especially its prospects for the future. Unfortunately those prospects are quite dim at the moment. I'm afraid that most people wouldn't agree with me on that, and I think that's because most people equate freedom with comfort, with having plenty of money to spend. As long as they can go to the mall and charge whatever they want on their credit card, as long as they can watch whatever ball game they want on TV, they believe they're free. More than that, if their TV tells them they're free, they believe it.
Not everyone, of course. But for most people what is real is what they see on TV. If they don't see it on TV, then it doesn't exist -- or at least, it certainly isn't important. If it were anything to be concerned about, then certainly Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather or Peter Jennings would tell them all about it, with the proper expression of concern on his face and a serious tone of voice, so that everyone would know it was important.
Take the people of Canada, for example. They really are not very different from the people of the United States -- except perhaps just a shade more authoritarian in personality on the average. When our ancestors down here told King George III to go to hell, that we weren't going to pay his taxes any longer, the ancestors of the Canadians kept their mouths shut and continued paying their taxes. As a result they never really had the sort of iron-bound guarantees of freedom of speech and freedom of the press that people in the United States have had. But they always assumed that they had those freedoms anyway. If you ask the average Canadian today whether or not he is free to say what he wants and read what he wants, he'll tell you, "Of course!" And he'll believe it.
As a matter of fact, Canadians do not have those freedoms. Canadian publishers may not publish any book deemed...


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