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Cyber Bullying in Today’s World

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Cyber Bullying in Today’s World

Cyber Bullying in Today’s World
Peer to peer bulling is nothing new. It has been going on for generation after generation. However the times have now changed and the technology advancements have made it possible for youth to bully one another without ever having to be face to face. The new way of bullying is called “Cyber Bullying”. Teens and preteens use todays advanced technology as a tool for bullying one another through the use of chat rooms, social networking websites, and the use of mobile phones. This form of bullying can be more devastating and cause a lasting effect than the face to face method.
The definition for cyber bullying can be considered to be in the form of verbal harassment, tormenting, using threating words, belittling, and humiliating. This can be done by directly typing to the recipient or by spreading rumors of the recipient to other peers over the web. By posting harmful information about the youth so that it can be viewed by everyone is considered a form of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can be an easier way for the abuse since you are not physically face to face and for some, it is easier to say what you want when you are not looking at the person.
Cyber bullying can be easier for the youths because they can remain anonymous. The recipient may never know who their predators are. The Recipient also has less chance of escaping the tormentor when it is done through the cyber world. The methods that the youth use for cyber bullying are only limited to their imaginations and the technology they have available. It is only considered cyber bullying when it involves youth, if it involved adults it is considered cyber-stalking or cyber- harassment.
Either way cyber bullying is done, it can have a lasting effect on the recipient. It can cause depression, a feeling of anger and sadness, a feeling of frustration and in worse cases, causes the recipient to commit suicide. It can cause some victims to be...


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