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Fight Club

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A term paper on



                                              Satyaam Takhellambam
Abhijnan Nath
Surya Raman

Prof. Geetha B.
For Critical Analysis of Literature and Cinema

Date- 15.Nov.2010



The nameless narrator (Norton) is a traveling automobile company employee who suffers from insomnia. His doctor refuses to give him medication and advises him to visit a support group to witness more severe suffering. The narrator attends a support group for testicular cancer victims and, after fooling them into thinking that he is a fellow victim, finds an emotional release that relieves his insomnia. He becomes addicted to attending support groups and pretending to be a victim, but the presence of another impostor, Marla Singer (Bonham Carter), disturbs him, so he negotiates with her to avoid their meeting at the same groups.
After a flight home from a business trip, the narrator finds his apartment destroyed by an explosion. He calls Tyler Durden (Pitt), a soap salesman whom he befriended on the flight, and they meet at a bar. A conversation about consumerism leads to Tyler's inviting the narrator to stay at his place; outside the bar he requests that the narrator hit him. The two engage in a fistfight, with the narrator subsequently moving into Tyler's dilapidated house. They have further fights outside the bar, and these attract a crowd of men. The fighting moves to the bar's basement where the men form a "fight club."
Marla overdoses on pills and telephones the narrator for help; he ignores her, but Tyler answers the call and saves her. Tyler and Marla become sexually involved, and Tyler warns the narrator never to talk to Marla about him. More fight clubs form across the country, and they become the anti-materialist and anti-corporate organization called "Project Mayhem", under Tyler's leadership. The narrator complains to Tyler that he wants to be more involved in the organization, but Tyler...


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