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Gas Tax Proposal

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Experts say officials’ are pressuring lawmakers   to increase state fuel tax to cover cost for road projects and public transportation. When turning on eight cents per gallon, as indicated by law state Rep. John Bradly, the state could generate an extra five hundred million annually. Lawmakers could turn around and authorized bond   worth ten time the original amount of income. An average motorist would pay eighty cents more for ten gallon fill and RTA’s. Eventually they would take home over $ 2.7 billion in funding for capital project for over five years, that would be half of what the officials say they would need to cover the cost. In my opinion increasing state fuel tax is a bad idea!
One major reason why I think that increasing fuel tax is bad idea is because that means more money out of our pockets. Although the fuel tax in Illinois has not been raised in 18 years, we as drivers are still paying well above U.S. average for a gallon of gasoline. As the tribute points out, adding 50.8 cents a gallon if the state and local taxes are added to the federal tax rate of 18.4 cents per gallon. That’s the highest average of nine (PDF) in the nation.   Doesn’t that says a lot we are already the highest average in the nation but that’s not enough our government wants go even higher.
That takes me to my second point. We as American people like driving to work and not have to worry bout if our bus or a train will be late. A new analysis of data collected   from 2005, found that driving a car to work was the foremost means of commuting for 9 out of 10 workers. 87.7 percent of American workers use an automobile to get to work. Personally I love my peace and as the statistics’ show most Americans love that few minutes or an hour of time to themselves.
The last reason and maybe the most important one is why give money for public transportation when most of the time there is conflicting schedules, unpredictable overtime, long hours, sudden demands and unexpected deadlines....


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