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Famine in Russia

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The famine in Russia in 1921 was caused by a drought and political reasons that aggravated an already serious problem in the richest agricultural area of Russia. Problems that occurred such as bad living conditions and health lead the country with no hope.   The people yearned for help as they saw their families passing away. Nothing could help them because of the fact that neither markets nor money could help them grow grains. Also, there was no choice but to suffer because even though people traveled to other villages nearby, there was the same situation. So nothing was left to do but to wait until there was a solution or wait until each and every one of them died.
The people living in Russia during this time were suffering for many reasons. One because of the climate they had to deal with, which was the cold winters. Secondly, the lack of food which brought much hunger within the people became a drought because there was nothing to do. This was an economic problem due to the fact that there was no money to buy food or to buy grains to grow. Peasants were in trouble, there were no market places to gather any type of food or snack and money could not resolve anything.
The Red Army could have been the cause of this disaster. Peasants would have to give up their things in order to hand them over the Red Army. The government did not care about the people, they did not care to hear about the way they were suffering. Diseases started rising because of the lack of nutrition. Diseases such as Typhus and Dysentery lead to death as well. Typhus is a disease caused by several species of Rickettsia, transmitted by liceĀ and fleas, and characterized by acute prostration, headache, and a peculiar eruption of reddish spots on the body. It was spread by their old ragged clothes that they wore also. Dysentery is a disease marked by inflammation and ulceration of the lower part of the bowels, with diarrhea that becomes mucous and hemorrhagic. This situation of diseases led...


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