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Jiangsu and I

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Jiangsu & I
                      ——— Predestined Love that Cannot Be Cut Off
    In 5000 years historical perpetual flow of China, there is one city’s name is enshrined in people’s hearts for generations, and whose brilliant lights that cannot be hiding from any aspect, no matter from the history, the people, the economy, or the scenery. And this great city is Nanjing. Since the first unequal treaty, the Treaty of Nanking, was signed here, China entered a new era, which was and is witnessed by Nanjing’s mother river, Qinhuai River. In the late Ming Dynasty, along the river, almost everything was filled with extravagant and recreational dancing, singing and shining lights. But things changed as long as the city developed. The color of water loses its clear green, buildings in the riverbank areas became damaged, and the former luxuriant scene disappeared gradually. To save her, government took efforts which included building 12 new Sewage treatment plantsSewage treatment plantssewage treatment plants, planting beneficial hygrophytes. As a result, Qinhuai River now presents her fascinating image again.
    Although I have just been Qinhuai River 3 times, I am always drunk with her beauty and touched by a tale about Mochou, also a famous lake lies to the west of Qinhuai. Thousands years ago, a diligent and intelligent girl called Mochou was apart from her husband because of the war for more than ten years. Instead of being collapsed by the suffering, she devoted her mind to help the weak and the old. But her kind behavior met unexpected opposition of her father-in-law. So, to revolt the frame-up and humiliation and to defend her own personal dignity, Mochou drowned herself in the lake near her house. Since then, that lake was renamed as Mochou Lake.
    From the Spring and Autumn to new China, as an ancient capital of the six Dynasties, who had undergone the Taiping Rebellion and the establishment of Republic of China, saturated in a Jinling sentiment, Nanjing...


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