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The Learner Who Inspires Her Teacher a Lot

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It was very rare to find a teacher in my school who was 100% committed to their students, did everything they could to make sure that all students achieved their full potential, didn't have favourites and didn't categorise students, made everyone believe that they could achieve top grades. Mrs Jones ticked all these boxes, when most teachers would shudder at the idea of giving up lunch times and free periods to give you extra help on course work or catch up on missed lessons/things you didn't understand she always offered. She would use a variety of methods to help keep us engaged and everything was hands on with her ( even though our school 'specialises' in science most of the teachers didn't believe in doing practicals...even though one of our assessments involved practical work). She never gave up on those who seemed like "lost causes", there was no such thing as " a student who will only ever get a D...on a good day" (a lot of teachers who had this mentality) and this was evident when it came to resutls day. I was getting U's in my practice papers for GCSE/AS and A2 but with much support from her I managed to get an A at GCSE a high B( 1 mark away from an A) in her unit for as and a high C in her unit for A2 in the matter of a month!!! Being the head of Biology as well as having other classes to teach she her day wouldn't end till gone 9pm and she had a life at home ( where as most teachers would complain that their day should end at 3:30pm and didn't have families to look after or as many classes/responsibilities as Jones did). Some may say that some of her teaching methods were a little patronizing, using Lego bricks to represent glucose molecules or repeating information she had written on the board, but it works, it sticks in your head. I'm a visual learner which is why I did so well in her units for Biology. Most of all she is totally unaware at how good she is and is completely modest. She's inspired me to teach and I'll never forget her. She doesn't get...


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