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Green Technology

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Domenique A. Sanchez
April MacGrotty
May 16, 2010


Green Technology
The world we live in today is full of wasted energy and resources that are slowly but surely destroying our habitat.   It is the job of everyone to do what they can in order to preserve the beauty and diminishing natural resources in order to maintain a healthy and enjoyable planet for our children’s children to be able to strive on.   Modern technologies have been developed in order to better make use of the resources that we have been using.   Nothing that we have moved towards has been able to ultimately destroy waste but to bring it to an acceptable level so we can continue to make leaps and bounds to respecting each other and our one and only planet.
Modern technology has been able to provide us with a means to prevent polluting the atmosphere and conserve our fossil fuels.   As per the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), during the year 2006, there were 250,844,644 registered passenger vehicles in the United States.   This should be an indication of how important vehicles are to our society as a whole.   The problem we face is that most of our vehicles are traveling so much that we are damaging our ozone layer and depleting our fossil fuels.   Hybrid cars have come to light over the last few years and have tried to help the world decrease its dependency on using large amounts of gasoline or diesel fuel.   The way that these cars work is in two different ways: in parallel or in series.   When a hybrid car is in parallel, both the gasoline and the battery power sources work together in order to make the vehicle move forward.   In a series hybrid vehicle, the gasoline works to propel the vehicle forward or power a generator that charges the batteries that will in turn move the car.   These cars have other features that make hybrids stand out beside regular gas powered vehicles.   Hybrid cars have a regenerative braking...


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