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Foundation of Opportunity

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Foundation of Opportunity

Teaching is the only profession that teaches all other professions. Without teachers the nation would not have doctors or judges; it would, however, have criminals and uneducated humans. Teachers go beyond the classroom and into the hearts of students; a teacher affects eternity changing the world one kid at a time. From the age of five I have known I wanted to be a teacher, and have never questioned it. Carrying out the ambitious personality I have, I intend to make a difference in the world, whether that means helping one person or helping thousands. I have a considerable desire to help other people who struggle with math or those who dislike it. Presently, I am a cadet teacher for a middle school math class and a private tutor helping middle school and/or elementary students in math. From my previous experience and immeasurable goal to give back to society, I know the educational field is that which I wish to pursue.

      Education is the foundation of opportunity; from the age of five until they graduate at eighteen, children are attending some sort of school. My dream is to reach the unreachable, to nurture the neglected. I plan to venture into the “hidden America,” the ghetto. Even though it is not on America’s top ten tourist attractions list, I plan on teaching there. According to an organization, Cities Alliance, which is committed to improving the quality of the slums, today, more than one billion people in the world live in blighted areas. In the developing world, one out of every three people living in cities lives in a slum. These areas are not a new phenomenon. They are a part of the history of most cities, particularly in the early years as populations boomed.   They are populated by two groups of people: the poor and the forgotten. Most would classify these areas to be of low socio-economic status. Consequently, the children and teenagers of these areas are not provided the same motivation or chances that adolescents...


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