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A Hero

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A hero is someone who is brave, trustworthy, and reliable. This is the kind of person we look up to. Some of them may be inspirational, while others are our everyday life-savers. They exist all over the world! You might not even know it, but you, yourself could be a hero. Amongst so many heroes, there was one who caught my attention. He might not be the typical kind of hero like the ones we see in movies. But you know what? He's the guy who got me into world of dancing! A dedicated, determined, selfless, and successful man. His name is Nam Hyun Joon. My Korean hero.

It all started when he first saw the legendary Micheal Jackson performed the moonwalk formally known as the “backslide”. He was in grade 5 at the moment, but over time he had taught himself the moonwalk. And from then on, he met other people who had the same interests as him. Same type of feel for music by expressing it through dance itself. He didn't give up with the idea how dancing was his way to communicate to others. His parents were strongly against this idea. They felt he wouldn't stand a chance with all the dancers out in the real world. They thought that dance as a career path was a poor choice. Despite all the reasons his parents dished at him. He kept dancing because that's what he did best at. He didn't have much money at the time. So he couldn't take any dance classes. But sometimes inspiring dancers would invite him for a few dance sessions. Gladly he accepted because he was determined to gain as much knowledge as possible. His path as was slowly opening up. He was willing and determined.

As time passed, he decided he was going to take dancing seriously. He thought things would get much better since he wasn't fooling around. That's where he was wrong. His family soon could no longer support him. He had to drop out of school since they couldn't afford it. (Education in Korean is not free) They had gone bankrupt. The house was gone, and his parents fled, leaving him homeless. He had no...


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