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Community Development

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In my school days I met a blind man in the roadside, he is in the need of help to cross the road, I helped him to cross the road and I asked him the reason behind his blindness. He said, on his childhood days “He got a wound in his head and due to lack of education his mother not sent him to hospital and give him the hand treatment at finally it brakes the nerves”. Due to lack of knowledge about the medication he lost his two eyes and now he needs help of others. It makes me very trouble with this.
The man who made me to think about the importance of education, So I take a pledge, when I reach his age I would give an education to those who are all cannot be able to study due to poverty, orphans
I have started a child education program with my sister in my area, In my area the no of families are around 50, initially we took a child education by saving the money for their studies, for this every family members has take an child in the orphan centre and the pay the money for the child as a monthly or an weekly basis to make the savings for their education.
I have materials for their education,
I have NCC, StJohns club

Education to the children in the global issue, everyone willing to pay their moneys for food, residency and cloths but nobody understands their education.


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