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Animal Farm

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Today my goal is to become a nurse this is because I love caring for people it gives me great satisfaction to help others and this is where I feel I belong.  
My Grandpa told me to follow your dream listen to your intuition and use the skills you are good at , I want to do just that. I know what ever I do he would be so proud of me for forfiling my dreams.
He taught me it wasn’t all about what you have but what you do and I feel he gave me wings to fly.

Easter 2001 I am 11 and just received the news from my Mother at my friends house that my Grandpa has died, One minuite Franny my friend and me were singing along to the Kareoke the next the mood changed dramatically her parents faces are staring   me with such sadness and pity.
I am not sure how I feel, was I meant to cry because there were no tears coming
  I am still smiling from the singing surely this isn’t true   I just feel strange.weird
The reality hit me when I was taken to Grandma’s house and looked up at her red face I felt useless and a bit embarraced as I knew she would not like me to see her tears.
I gazed over at Grandpa’s chair and noticed the indentation/imprint in the cushion from where his head used to rest always being told off for nodding off.,his slippers were neatly placed under the radiator ,was he really never going to wear them again, would they   stay there forever??? I was so confused and   then felt a pain that I didn’t know existed from the realization I was never going to see my Grandpa’s face again hit me.

The year 1997 and summer ,holiday has been booked with my grandparents and Uncle Nigel , Mum and Dad are too busy running their businesses   to take a break.my Mum was also dring heavely coping with my Grandpas illness.
All I need now is my Brother Jamie to lie on the suitcase to help it shut he was rather podgy   and would be perfect, the problem of packing arises on every trip due to me being the sort of person to prepare for every eventuality, ie outfits for a posh...


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