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Reality Bites

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Reality Bites
Reality TV shows is a genre that affects nearly every American in one way or another. Whether it be while watching TV from the couch, reading a magazine at the supermarket, or even making conversation at work, reality TV shows seem to creep up everywhere.   Cynthia M. Frisby excellently explains why so many people become enthralled with these shows in her essay, “Getting Real With Reality TV.” She argues that the reason that so many people watch reality TV shows is because they can relate to the real life characters on the show. She provides many examples and uses the proper tone for the audience that would be reading the article. Even after keeping the readers hooked throughout, Frisby also manages to wrap up her article with a brilliantly humorous conclusion.
The examples that were provided were both interesting and relevant. The article was originally published in USA Today in 2004, so the audience is expected to be looking for an easy read and isn’t expected to be reading the articles too critically. In order to keep the audience’s attention, Frisby uses evidence of why the television watchers enjoy reality TV so much. Without the evidence, it would seem as if Frisby was merely stating her opinion with no backed sources. With the evidence, the reader understands that there is proof to what she is saying.
The tone also plays a large role in keeping the audience captivated. Because the audience of USA Today is looking for nothing more than an easy read, the way that things are said are equally important as what is actually being said. It is important to first understand that “Getting Real with Reality TV” is written formally.


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