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Ad-Dressing the Issue

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Uniforms in public schools are becoming popular throughout our nation. Texas Public Schools would benefit significantly if this policy were to be accepted in all schools. Wearing uniforms in public schools   result in positive effects that are far greater than negative effects. Uniforms should be required in all Texas Schools, because an overall professional appearance will be represented when all students dress the same, because students are less likely to deal with peer pressure in wearing the latest trends, and because uniforms will create an environment with less violence.
Uniforms make the school, and its students appear more professional and united. Chosen by each school, uniforms can provide students with a schools identity. Kids in school uniforms are more likely to be more focused, and to take school serious, and have better grades. Putting on a uniform signals they are going to school, just as their parents dress up to go to work. I believe that uniforms will not only bring a sense of pride, but as well as school unity. Now days, its more about belonging to a group and fitting in, uniforms would bring that. School uniforms take away the stress of not fitting in due to what you have, and what you don’t.
When we meet someone, what is the first thing we look at? As humans, we always take a first impression about people; what they are wearing, an overall appearance,
and other characteristics. That would be a beneficial outcome of wearing a uniform, students would be viewed as equals to teachers, and other students. Students will realize that school is not a fashion show, but an environment for learning. Uniforms eliminate competition. The word uniform stand for “One Form” which makes everyone equal. I truly believe that every person has the right to be equal, and not be judged for what they are wearing. With fewer fashion distractions, schools will be seen as a priority for teaching and learning, rather than a trend...


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