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Write a Letter to a Bus Company Saying You Have Left Something Valuable on the Bus and Tell Them What to Do If They Find It.

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Write a letter to a bus company saying you have left something valuable on the bus and tell them what to do if they find it.
Dear Sir,
My name is Chuka. I’ve lost my notebook in your company’s bus today morning.
It was early morning around 6 am. I had a late night sleep yesterday because of my presentation finishing.   In the morning I wake up and took my notebook without any suitcase (because don’t have much time) and run to catch a bus. I hold my notebook in my chest.
Outside was kind of chilly and I get cold. Bus took almost 10 minutes for coming. Usually it takes 45 minutes to reach my office by bus. Inside of the bus   was so warm that makes me so sleepy. In the bus I fall sleep almost 30 minutes. During my sleep I put my notebook on the chair next to me . When the bus reached to my station I just wake up and run out the bus.   But I not recognize my notebook till I enter my room. ( Maybe I was too sleepy on that time)
I called to your company and lady told me I should write official letter about everything including my notebook specification to you. And also I remember the bus number exactly (because every morning I use to take a same bus ). It was number 199 direction 21 for Chingeltei. (I’m pretty sure bus driver should recognize me hopefully)
My laptop was Toshiba with a grey color. I bought that one 2 years ago from the Sky shopping center. System specification sill be following:
Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002 Service pack 2
Genuine Intel CPU 1.6G hard drive 0.99G RAM
Also, when you open the laptop I glued two crossed hearts sticker with red color and right side in numbering area’s “enter’ button is missing. (I lose it last month)
Those will be all specification about my laptop. I hope you can find my laptop soon and send it back to me . My address is
Bayangol duureg , 3-r koroo , 65-r bair, room 44 Recipient   J.Chuka.
Best regards from Chuka.


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