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Do I Believe in Fate?

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Do I believe in fate?
    I've never been a believer in fate, partly because I don't understand how such terrible things can happen to innocent people "for a reason."
    Although I do admit that some things are perhaps destined to happen to certain people but rather than that being down to fate I believe that it is more likely to be down to the person themselves. Some people look specifically for things that they could list as fate, for instance, being in the "right place at the right time," based on a random thought in their head about the fact that they have maybe met someone that they've got on with well doing something they don't usually do. "If I hadn't have gone, I would never have met him, it's fate, it has to be...."

    You hear such things from big believers in fate, but if you think about it logically there is a far greater chance of you meeting someone that you don't usually in a new place, it doesn't mean that you were "meant" to meet this person, it just means that you have. It's not so suprising when you think about how many people are in so many different places at different times.

    That point aside though, the terrible things that happen from day to day, I just can't see how people being killed or dying of a certain illness or being abused etc. can happen "for a reason?" I just don't understand this. I have also noticed that in my past discussions with people about fate the bad things that happen in life are rarely mentioned, just the good, no-one likes or wants to believe that bad things can happen without being avoided but everyone wants to believe in the good. Sadly I don't believe fate can only work one way, if it did then what about the bad things, what do people put them down to? Just pure bad luck?

    I do admire those of you who have a lot of faith in the ways of the world though, it is a nice thought to have to believe in fate, a little frightening at times too I should imagine, believing that everything...


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