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Abolition of Terror

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Abolish Terrorism and Save Lives

Terrorism by definition is the ‘use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims’.

Think terrorism or terrorists and the picture that comes to mind is that of a hooded person brandishing an automatic AK47 or a Kalashnikov rifle and the background littered with bloodied bullet ridden bodies. Or, news headline, screaming of death and destruction, because of some fanatical suicide bomber. The word terrorism seems to have embodied itself in this cliché, which is definitely true in the conventional sense. But dig a little deeper and terrorism takes on a whole new garb, a disguise not very recognizable.

Global terrorism-much of it a part of the cliché we spoke about earlier –But every region, affected by terrorism is because of different reasons, ideologies, methodologies and ends, but the one common facet is the destruction the common unsuspecting man faces-the common man, oblivious of parties, factions and the like and only interested a simple life including that quest for his bread and butter.

Paying with their lives lost to another form of terrorism are people of countries like Zimbabwe-where President Mugabe has all but plundered all the country’s resources and huge amounts of international aid. People there are dying of hunger and epidemics-it is currently in a declared state of emergency due to uncontrolled spread of cholera. The populace has no choice but to live or die at his whims. This I say is terrorism, yes it is.

Islam, a religion actually propagating love, brotherhood and conscientious, sensible living gets demonized due to misinterpretation and worse still misrepresentation by a select few. Lives are lost when extremist ideologies are thrust on people. Like the people of Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan where the Taliban force them to follow Shari-a laws. Non-compliance takes lives with absolutely no value for them. Women are punished with lashes, stoned even beheaded if found unaccompanied...


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