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Rock vs. Rap

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Today’s kids, teenager boys and girls alike, are easily hooked with what’s in vogue. Especially when it comes to music, nobody wants to be left out. Well, almost nobody. There are those types that don’t care much for what is in, as long as they “feel” the music , and provides for them entertainment, or a way to relax from having too much stress. So the questions arise - does listening to eardrum-exploding music make you relax or make you popular; and for rap, is it really enjoyable to listen to such unnerving mantra-like recitation? personally, I don’t have the slightest idea why I like listening to certain kinds of music. Maybe, if I like the beat or the tune or just the intro of the music, even if it contained some notorious words, for me it doesn’t matter. So, in my limited knowledge of the world of music, I will try to elaborate on some of its more popular forms today.

There are many kinds of rock music. Since I’m not that familiar with the whole concept of rock, I’ll just give example of the type of rock song I listen to. Like gothic rock. I bet this whole concept of gothic stuff isn’t that familiar since it’s not that popular compared to emo rock or metal rock or the rocks that you often hear. In my own understanding gothic rock is more like an occult type genre and most likely will make you freak out just hearing the intro. Just like Hallowed be thy Name by Cradle of Filth. At first, hearing this song gives you the impression that it’s a demonic song and knowing that that person is listening to that make you wanna say, “Go to the church” or something. Also by the way it was sung, you can barely hear a single word. Not until you look for the lyrics only to find out that the whole meaning of the song was about the trials of a man hundreds of years ago. People were killed for entertainment and the executions were all committed in the name of God hence the name of the song.

For the rap category, it’s obviously a different thing. Well, it’s also music but...


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