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Yet Another Cinderella Story

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Yet Another Cinderella Story
By: Nicole McGreevy

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a beautiful
young girl named Caty (That’s me). Caty had long dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. She was eight years old and lived with her father in a quaint little town called Dellview, North Carolina. Caty and her father did everything together. They were best friends, until her father met another woman named Gertrude. Gertrude was everything her father wanted to meet in a woman ever since Caty’s mother died while giving birth to Caty. Gertrude was pretty, smart, funny, witty, and all the other things men look for in a woman. But that was only one side of Gertrude. Caty knew the other side all to well. When Caty’s father left for the store and left Caty and Gertrude alone, Gertrude made Caty do nasty chores. She also told Caty that she didn’t even like Caty’s father, and that the only reason they were dating was because her father was rich. Caty tried to tell her father about these problems but he thought she was jealous of losing his attention.
One day Caty’s father had to run to the store to get some fruit-water for Gertrude, his new wife. While he was gone, Gertrude made Caty clean the whole house for when her father came home, Gertrude could take credit for all of Caty’s hard work. That never happened because on the way home her father was in a fatal car accident and went straight to the hospital. Caty and Gertrude went there as fast as they could and the last thing her father said to Caty was to be nice to Gertrude and do what she asks. Caty, from that day forth, was Gertrude’s personal servant.
One thing her father didn’t know about was Gertrude’s pregnancy. Once the baby was born, Caty was the one to take care of it, though she was only nine years old herself. Caty and the baby named Stella didn’t get along, even at a young age. While Caty and Stella grew up, Stella got less and less attractive, while Caty got more and more attractive.


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