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"The Adventure's of Huckelberry Finn" Regionalism

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In “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, the author expresses an effective message through regionalism. In literature, regionalism is a fictional piece that mainly
focuses on the specific characteristics of a certain region. These characteristics include the dialect, topography, customs, environment, society, setting, languages, food, and characteristics that are found in the region. The story has a colorful description of all the places and people along the Mississippi River. It focuses around the attitudes and racism of the white people at the certain period in time.
Mark Twain uses many of these regionalism characteristics in his story, but the first characteristic we notice the most is the dialect and language used in the story. For example, the book often uses the word “nigger “to refer to African-American people. The novel also uses various racial stereotypes. In the description of Jim, a young slave whom he travels with for the most part of the story, he is referred to as “property” that belongs to his master. Jim is often perceived as an incompetent and uneducated person who is inferior to the white people. The south a historical place for racism and slavery, which provides further evidence that the book tends to focus on specific characteristics of slaves, black and white people, and racism in the region.
Another example of southern dialect in the story is when Jim says, “Yo’ole father doan ‘ know yit, what he’s a-gwyne to do. Sometimes he spec he’ go ‘way, eh den agin he spec he’ll stay” (1288). Twain also uses a lot of words that only southerners would understand, like dog-leg (1304), doxolojer (1385), muggings, (1403), bitts (1321), and corn-dodgers (1356).
Another regionalism characteristic that Twain talks about is the environment. He gives a lot of detail in his geographic descriptions, in which a person can actually visualize exactly the setting that the story is taking place in. Throughout the story, Huck and Jim spend an...


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