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The Relationship of Communication to Business

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Business Revision – Communication

The relationship of communication to business objectives and strategy i.e. why is it important?

Business goals/objectives and strategies must be clearly communicated to stakeholders.
-Internal stakeholders
-External stakeholders such as the general public and customers make judgments about a business based on its goals

Communication: Communication is essentially a sender conveying messages to a receiver in a form that the receiver can understand and therefore act on in the desired manner.

It can be broken down in three steps:
Communication process:

1. Sender gives out message to a receiver in an encoded form (such as words, actions, facial expression)
2. Receiver is exposed to message and decodes it. (Understands its meaning)
3. Receiver gives feedback to the sender to show that they have received/understood the message in the manner intended.

How do you know which method of communication to use?
-your audience (confidentiality)
-your purpose

Effective Communication:
Effective Communication is when the intended receiver of a message obtains and interprets the message in the manner intended by the sender.

Benefits of effective communication:
-All stakeholders understand what and how to achieve their goals to keep the business running successfully
-Business will have greater performance and production.
-Customers will appreciate and come back for more if they feel that they have been dealt with well.
-It also creates a positive public image for the business
-supports a healthy working culture
-Effective communication allows employees (and employers) to work with confidence and safely as instructions would have been communicated well.

Barriers to effective communication – Define and give examples- e.g.
Filtering: the deliberate manipulation of a message to make it appear more favourable to the receiver by deleting undesirable pieces of information.
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