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Argument Against God

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For centuries, people have debated the existence of God.   Different sects of beliefs called religion have followers devoted to their image of God.   There are the Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Islamic and many other theist religions as well as Atheism and Agnosticism.   After research, I’ve come to believe that there is probably no God. However, Science has yet to fully prove that there is no God, placing me between an agnostic and an atheist.

Atheism tends to follow the rationalist train of thought that God doesn’t exist because there is no solid proof of his existence.   There are supposed accounts of encounters with God, Jesus and the other deity associated with religion, but these accounts are no more valid than the accounts of people who have experienced Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster.   If God really existed and if he is the “greatest of good”, then why would there be suffering in the world? Why would there be starvation or war?   What of all of the natural disasters of the world, the hurricanes, monsoons, tornadoes, flood and flash fires.   If he truly created the world then why would he have it self-destructive?   In regards to animals he created, as Hume says, why would he make so many different kinds of animals when many struggle to survive?   If there was a limit to his power, he should have made fewer animals and made the animals more equipped to survive.   As the supposed knower of all actions, events of chance, and other knowledge unbeknownst to man, why wouldn’t he make all events of chance favor man?   If it were in God’s power, man should be much more fortuitous… good rulers would live longer, the people born into rich families should have good virtues and should use their wealth for good, there would be no terrorism, only understanding.

Many philosophers have tried to explain the existence of God through philosophical reason as opposed to pure faith.   In talking about efficient causation, Saint Thomas Aquinas states that for an object to be in...


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