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Romeo and Juliet English 1

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Stanley Jackson
2nd hour

Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scenes 2
For our Romeo and Juliet project I had to choose between lots of different projects. I chose to make a shrine in a shoe box to try and show what happened in Act 2 Scene 2. I think that the shrine was the best project to choose because not only is it easy, but it is probably the best way to try and show the point that the author is trying to get across into the reader’s mind.
I chose to pick a shrine because it is easier for people to understand things when they see it through a picture or a movie. I thought about doing a movie but I didn’t think I would have all of the things needed to do that, including a big group of people. So, the best project choice for me to do was the shoe box.
Act 2 Scene 2 was where Romeo and Juliet first met. He falls in love with her when he sees her for the first time. Romeo had been accidentally invited to the Capulet’s ball by their servant who can’t read. When Romeo sneaks into the party Juliet’s cousin Tybalt sees Romeo watching Juliet and he becomes mad. He goes to tell her father but be gets mad at Tybalt for getting mad about something that wasn’t that serious, since Romeo didn’t appear to be up to anything bad. Romeo sees Juliet and they end up kissing and they fall in love but, falling in love was a bad idea because their families where enemies of each other. If their families were to find out that one of them were in love with the enemy they would probably be cut off from the family. But they loved each other so much that they didn’t care what could happen to them. Romeo was in the dark hoping to see Juliet; he was in her back yard watching as she stood on the balcony. When he heard her say that she would be willing to deny her father and her name just so that he could be with her he couldn’t hold himself back. He comes out and tells Juliet how he feels about her and they kiss again and eventually make plans to get married. I think that this decision...


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