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Communication Experience

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English 250
14 January 2010
When trying to explain my experiences with communicating to other people there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.   For instance whether or not the communicating is falls into the category of written, oral, visual, or electronic.   This is not a hard thing for me to do because the experiences I have had are very important to me.
The first experience that I had that really changed me in communicating was when I had to right a paper to get into college.   To most people this may not be that big of a deal, but for me it was.   The reason for this being is because is because I was one of those students that did not make the grades to get into a four year university.   So it came down to me writing a letter to the University of Northern Iowa. The reason that I believe this was so effective is because I talked to them as if I was a friend.   I used sincerity to prove to them that I could succeed in the atmosphere that they had set up.   I really have always enjoyed writing as one of my main communicating tools, and this experience just reinforced that love.
The other time I used communicating to give me an advantage in a situation.   I was applying for a position on The Camp Adventure team.   I didn’t think my first interview went that well.   So in my second interview I used oral communication to prove to them that I was very qualified to watch over other peoples children and keep them safe.   From this I figured out that I was also very strong in my oral communicating skills.
These are just a few of the ways that communication has shaped my life for the better.   There are many more significant events that I don’t even think about but they just happen.   Everybody in one way or another has needed communication skill to help them with a situation.


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