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If you are an upstart and just setting out into the honey business you should weight the pro's and con's of marketing the honey you produce on your honey farm. There are many competitors in the market today and they have access to the best marketing services. Their honey is also packed in various size containers that gives a customer a choice, something you may not be able to offer.
Large businesses have invested a lot in marketing their honey. They have set up a very effective advertising system, a distinct advantage over a small time honey producer. However since these people have set up such an elaborate marketing system they have to produce much larger quantities of honey AND sell it in order to make a profit. Here is where the advantage lies for you - a small honey business man.
You do not have to have large over heads to produce your honey, you also don't have to cater to a world wide market. You can concentrate on the local stores and neighborhood buyers to sell part or even your entire produce. It may sound a bit astounding but your bee hive can produce over a hundred pounds of honey. SO if you have three of four bee hives you can rake in a sizable income by targeting a small group of customers.

There are a few techniques of marketing your honey.
1. First of all there is the option of purchasing small glass or plastic bottles and customizing them with labels that you can get printed at any local store for quite a reasonable price. Fill these bottles with your honey and fix up with local stores to sell them for you at a profit.
2. You could set up a curbside honey stall and sell the honey to passers by. People love fresh honey and will definitely stop to buy some from a curb side stall as this is a sure shot way of getting some fresh honey. Honey from the store may be months old by the time they purchase it. People are, however, skeptical of buying large amounts of honey from curbside stalls as they are afraid of the honey crystallizing, it is up to...


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