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The Falsity, Fakeness, and Filthiness of Yellow in The Great Gatsby
The American classic, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald comprises an effective use of imagery. By portraying many simple objects in the novel with a specific color, Fitzgerald allows his audience to discover the true meanings of these symbols. Instead of the author not focusing on one specific color that catches the attention of the reader, he utilizes a variety of colors. The interpretation of these colors can be judged based on the characters’ actions and words throughout the novel. Also, an assortment of colors is applied to specific characters. The color shade that is most apparent and symbolic in The Great Gatsby is yellow. Fitzgerald also mentions gold which is a form of yellow. It reveals many principals and initiatives during the 1925 narrative. In spite of several colors exposing positive feelings towards the characters and time period, yellow reveals the pessimistic reactions. The main character, Jay Gatsby is victimized by this color in his life. Yellow appears in simple occurrences in the novel that are directly related to the ‘Great’ Jay Gatsby himself. Although the golden shade of yellow that gets brought up represents the glamorous and valuable lifestyle Gatsby possesses, pure yellow quickly hides that existence.   Fitzgerald incorporates the color yellow into The Great Gatsby through Gatsby’s mansion, luxury car, and appearance to uncover threatening realities of the 1920’s era.
Fitzgerald’s use of gold is shown through Gatsby’s appearance to illustrate the typical view on America in the 1920’s. Gold represents the success and money that people had during this time period in American history. Gatsby had these things, but decided to gain them the wrong way. The narrator states, “An hour later, the front door opened nervously, and Gatsby, in a white flannel suit, silver shirt, and gold-colored tie, hurried in.” (84). Jay Gatsby decorated and beautified his lifestyle with gold...


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