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Life of Pi 3

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In the beginning of Life of Pi, the author had opened up with detailed description of how he went to India. The author also describes what he did when he had gone to India. Life of Pi is actually a story in a story. The author is telling us what is happening in a first person point of view. He later reveals to us that his name is Pi. He talks about how he graduated in the University of Toronto. Pi tells reveals he had graduated in religious studies and zoology. The plot of the story is that Pi and his family were on a voyage on a ship called the Tsimstum, but then a sudden explosion happens and the ship sinks. Pi’s family all die in the ship wreck, leaving him being the only one alive. He then has to survive and adapt by himself using what he knows.
The themes in the story of Life of Pi would be the will to live. This is since the story is about struggling to live through a terrible accident. Pi is left on a lifeboat but had lost his life jacket. Pi ultimately decides to go against his lifelong vegetarianism and decides to eat fish to sustain himself and get energy.   The zebra also represents the theme of staying alive, the zebra is badly injured but yet still strives to stay alive. This represents how strong the zebra is and how bad it is clinching on to live. The hyena turns toward cannibalism, this shows how far creatures would go to stay alive and not die. Pi had done many things to stay alive throughout the story. When someone is put into a life or death situation, he/she adapts to the situation and tries to overcome it. Pi had adapted to it, and Pi had instincts to survive.
Another theme for the story is the importance of storytelling. This story is mostly a story within a story within a story. This is important since Pi was narrating the whole story. By including a semi-fictional “Author’s Note,” Martel draws the reader’s attention to the fact that not only within the novel is Pi’s tale of survival at sea an unverified story, but the entire novel...


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