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The Will to Life

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In the movie of Casablanca, Rick is one true love in Lisa’s life while they had a delight period of their life before their break. Then little does Lisa know that the cafe is run by Rick, when the two see each other, sparks fly, and memories of a pleasant time in Paris come flooding back. This essay will talk about the definition of true.
Actually, it is generally acknowledged that true love is a reflection of nature of human beings. Schopenhauer is a philosopher who seems to understand the intensity of what we feel when we fall in love. He affords the opinion of "The Will to Life": Love is a cunning ruse designed by biology to push us towards having children. However romantic we like to think we are all essentially slaves of "The Will to Life."(citation1) Specially, one of obligations of citizens is getting marriage in the hope of giving a new life of next generation, which is direct result of true love.
What’s more, true love could provide a sense of happiness, which didn’t appear before having an experience of falling in love with a person. We put ourselves through the uncertain phone calls and the expensive candle lit dinners in the exception of making our partner happy while making us happy.
However, at the end of the movie, the couple doesn’t have a perfect relationship with their true love. One of the things that makes Casablanca unique is that it stays true to itself without giving in to commonly held perceptions of public. It is also the same in reality for the reason of the shortage of courage against the obstacle in life.
In conclusion, love is the mix of biological nature and emotion promotion. However, in spite of the existence of true love between couples, they are still likely to break after getting together due to the obstacle of reality.
Citation 1: author’s name- Schopenhauer
Web address- http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4b5910930100cghb.html
Date of access-2009-02-13


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