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A Biographical Sketch of a Deviant

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“A biographical sketch of a deviant”
Answering the problem “identify a deviant and discuss the factors that lead him/her to become a deviant.” is like finding a needle in a mountain of haystack. I find it hard because there are a lot of possible personalities but I cannot justify my reasons for considering them deviants. So what I did as a social science student was, first I created a set of assumption (a.k.a Paradigm) and in that paradigm I formed a stereo-typical deviant that will identify a specific person. And after several trial and errors, I successfully identified one famous criminal that I can consider as a deviant. He is none other than: Robert Berdella.
The factors that made him a deviant lies within his biography. First was his inspiration. When he was a teenager, the film version of John Fowles' The Collector, in which the protagonist kidnaps and imprisons a young woman, influenced him. This proves that he liked violence since his adolescence.
When he was studying at Kansas City Art Institute, he was convicted but received a suspended sentence for selling amphetamines.  He was later arrested for possession of LSD and marijuana, but the charges were dropped for lack of evidence. When a person uses prohibited drugs he or she will not think and act on the proper way and he or she tends to do violent things. This is a great factor of his behavior because not only affects us physically but also psychologically. And his inhumane acts were triggered by the drugs.
Berdella opened the store Bob’s Bizarre Bazaar, a novelty shop that catered to occult-type tastes. Around the neighborhood he was considered odd but was liked and participated in organizing a local community crime watch programs. However, inside his home, it was discovered that Robert ‘Bob’ Berdella lived in a world dominated by sadomasochistic slavery, murder and barbarous torture.
On April 2, 1988 a neighbor found a young man on his porch clad in only a dog collar fastened around his neck. The...


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