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Send My Love to Heaven

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Send my Love to Heaven

What can I say about a girl that I love since I was ten years old... I love the way she taught me when I commit mistake. The way she fusses over silly things & even the way she cries over some sad silly late night shows. Somehow I wished I could have told her that I love her but now there’s no hope in doing so. For now it’s rather too late for me to do so.

She was my best friend & I have known her since we were small. She knew all my secrets, which reveals my feelings for her. That I love her not only because she’s pretty & smart but also the way she laughs at everything & the way she sees life & love.

I could still remember the first time we met. I was five years old. It was one windy afternoon having no one to play with except to my best friend Troy. He & his family just moved out to transfer at the neighboring state because his father got promoted.

And so I climbed at the tree house. I saw a moving truck coming down the street. I watched it approaching & noticed a family station wagon following it. It stopped in front of the house & out came a family. I was about to glance away when out came the loveliest girl I’ve seen. She had long curly hair, which reached almost to her waist. She had fair complexion & eyes, which make a man, lose his heart to her. I continued to watch her & suddenly she looked up & saw me watching them from the tree house window. I was about to duck when she smiled & wave her hand. I waved back & watched in amazement as I saw her running towards the tree house. So I went to the edge of the ladder & said to her “would you liked to come up?” she answered “may I?” So I help her climbed up & when she reached the top, she turned to me & said “by the way, my name is Petiza. What’s yours? I answered “my name is Lawrence Lloyd but then you can call me Lawrence” She smiled & said. “Well I liked your name; hey your tree house is neat!” Then I replied, “Thanks! Troy & I made this. This used to be as our hideout. We...


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