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Amreicans Shouldnt Own Credit Cards

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Most Americans should not use credit cards

The point of view I wish to establish in my paper is from the Americans that use credit cards for every day purchases to be able to live their everyday lives, the Americans that have to have credit cards to be able to survive.

I hope to study as much as I can about Americans and credit cards to get as much knowledge as I can. Then, use the information I gather to write a successful paper that I can show others. A paper that may make a difference in some families’ live forever! I want to show families   that they can live without the help of credit cards. Some families rely on credit cards for their day to day purchases to get by, putting them more and more in debt. I want to show families they can live without them. It may mean that they may have to down grade a little to be able to afford everything and they may have to buy cheaper products but they will be able to get out of debt and not owe a bunch of money to the credit card companies. I will be researching credit card companies for their interest rates, and other components that some Americans may not understand. I also will be researching the economy and other important parts of financial components to make sure I have all the vital information to include in my paper.

After I have my paper grade and make a passing grade I will be posting this paper on the internet to hopefully show others what I have found out in the studies. My overall goal by doing so is to make my studies known to others giving them the option to make a difference in their lives.


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