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The Social Networking

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INF 103
FEBRUARY 07, 2011

  1.   Past Social Networking Sites
  a. ARPAnet
  b. Usenet
  c. ListServ
  2.   Present Social Networking Sites
  a. Classmates.com
  b. Friendster
  c. Linkedin
  d. MySpace
  e. Facebook
  f. YouTube
  g. Twitter
  3. The Impact on Society
  a. Pro’s
  b. Con’s
  4. Privacy Issues
  5. The Future Social Networking
  6. Conclusion

While Social Networking is expanding everyday all over the world, it is changing our lives sometime for the good and sometimes for the bad.   Social networking offers a variety of ways people communicate with each other.   In addition, these sites can pose major threats to individuals through the privacy settings within each of these sites.   I will look at the different sites, the pros and cons, and their impact on society today.
Social networking has been around since 1969 with the launch of ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) of U.S. Department of Defense.   It is considered the Model T of the Internet.   “ARPAnet protected the flow of information between military installations be creating a network of geographically separated computers that could exchange information via a newly developed protocol (rule for how computers interact) called NCP (Network Controlled Protocol).”(Bellis, Mary) 1   It is many years later before the next networking site would be launched.   In 1980, Usenet launched and it is still in use today.   Usenet resembles a bulletin board service where members can read and post articles.   “Usenet has significant cultural importance in the networked world, having given rise to, or popularized, many widely recognized concepts and terms such as FAQ and spam.”2     ListServ is launched in 1986.   “It was the first electronic mailing list software application, consisting of a set of email addresses for a group in which the sender can send one email and it...


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