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Malaysian history reflects influence of the long succession of its immigrants and
invaders. Both immigrants and invaders brought with them their unique culture
which had big effect on Malaysian culture. Migration and colonialism had the
biggest impact on creating such a multicultural and diverse country.
One of the most important events in Malaysian history took place in 1957 when
Malaysia gained independence from the British and become an independent
country. On this day Malaysia was born again for the second time. But that
wasn’t the end of the troubles for Malaysia. New Malaysia was a country with a
mixture of people from many different cultures. Ethnic diversity caused lots of
economic and political disputes among nations. The biggest disputes were among
Chinese and Malays, as the Chinese resented the political power of the Malays
and the Malays envied the economic success of the Chinese.3
However, those disputes had positive outcome in Malaysia. The Malaysian
realised that if they want to make a powerful and economically stable country
they need to put all cultural differences behind and unite their forces. They
created a greater unity and stability which resulted in rapid economical
development and prosperity.
In order to strengthened a national unity in Malaysian cosmopolitan society the
Malaysian also introduced principles enshrined in the Rukunegara in Aug 31st
Our nation, Malaysia is dedicated to:
Achieving a greater unity for all her peoples
Maintaining a democratic way of life
Creating a just society in which the wealth of the nation shall be equitably distributed
Ensuring a liberal approach to her rich and diverse cultural traditions
Building a progressive society which shall be orientated to modern science and technology
Rukunegara , Aug 31st
, 1970
Malaysia had been invaded and occupied but still managed to keep its unique
culture and to cherish traditions and rituals. Many other nations immigrated to


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