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The Secret

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The Secret

For many generations, there has been a debate on what to believe and what not to believe, on how to perform the unimaginable superstitious beliefs, on existence and worship of gods and goddesses that has been passed on from generation to generation in the form of traditions, rituals, superstitions or secrets as they say.
Each community represent their own set of values and rules, with some being conservative and highly deceptive, and some being off going and liberal. But the question is what is to be believed? What to do we gain by such traditions which are nothing but restrictions and inhibitions? How can one sacrifice their deep inner feelings and do what the traditions say? In the South Asian Countries like Thailand, India, China etc., there has been significantly vibrant sources of traditions. What of it?
The answer to this is belief itself! Psychologists say that the power of the mind to control what external factors force them to, is imbibed and the mind performs psychic functions. We often visit temples to worship gods in favor of asking them to solve their problems. By Psychologists, these are nothing but mediums of transferring your psychic abilities to perform miracles.Worshipping puts you in a meditative state that forces your mind to change and perform what is least expected and that’s what the secret is about.
The very first factor of the secret to be fulfilled is conception and visualization of thought! Unless and until we think high, we can never achieve our goals and desires. Famous people like Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Socrates, etc. were successful because of that undying spirit and imagination that their work would lead to success. They trained their minds to be immune to all critics, whether they spoke highly of them or not.
Albert Einstein is such an example to prove that age doesn’t matter for one to be successful. It was seen that ring his teenage, he failed many times, but now that we see his theories, how can one...


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