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Good, Evil, or Otherwise?

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What makes a person good? What makes a person evil? There are probably a number of movies and documentaries one could watch that would display the inherent nature of mankind. When you watch “Shake Hands with the Devil” mankind’s true nature is revealed. Not only are the Interahamwe evil for committing such an atrocity in Rwanda, but also the surrounding countries and nations that sat behind fancy desks, hid behind secure doors, and watched as a country was torn apart.  
In “Shake Hands with the Devil” mankind’s true colours were shown, evil. There’s no doubt, after watching “Shake Hands with the Devil,” that mankind is evil. The United Nations refused to let Romeo Dallaire prevent the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. They ignored Romeo Dallaire’s reports that suggested the Tutsis would be attacked, and told him he was not to engage with the Rwandan militias or discharge any weapons, unless it was self-defense. Romeo Dallaire could do nothing but watch as men, women, and children died before him. “We were outside trying to protect them from being killed, mean while they were inside dieing of malnutrition, dehydration, and diseases,” Romeo Dallaire explained as he showed reporters around the stadium that thousands of refugees had lived in while seeking safety amidst the chaos. If the United Nations had let Romeo Dallaire confiscate the weapons that were used in the mass murder of Tutsis, the Rwandan Genocide never would have transpired. The United Nations are peace keepers; they didn’t do a very satisfactory job of keeping the peace. The only ones interested in keeping the peace between the Hutus and the Tutsis were the Canadians, who continued to lead the peace keeping force in Rwanda when everyone else refrained from stepping in.
The real perpetrators are the Belgians. They started the whole thing when they decided to split up the Rwandan’s based on the size of their nose and head. If the Belgians ‘owned’ the country why...


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