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Dolphin Slaughter Should Be a Crime and Keeping Them in Captivity Should Be Stopped.Docx Uploaded Successfully

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Dolphin slaughter should be a crime and keeping them in captivity should be stopped

Dolphins are beautiful and cheerful aquatic mammals. They are one of the most intelligent animals in the world, and it has even been said that they can even be more intelligent then us humans; but, sadly, they have been treated in the absolute worst care you can imagine. In the following, I will try to convince you, to the best of my ability, that dolphin slaughter is extremely cruel and keeping them in captivity should definitely be stopped.

A dolphin swims about 40 miles a day, in the wild, where it swims freely worldwide.   They travel in small groups, where they are very social and active.   For their characteristics of being so joyful and outgoing, they have been chased to bring them into captivity, where they are trained for exhibition and entertainment for us to see. An alive and trained dolphin can cost merely 150 thousand dollars, which make certain countries extremely interested in the market.   If they are not picked to play the part; in many countries, they are simply slaughtered for their tremendously teaming mercury meat.  

Mercury is a heavy metal that occurs naturally in different chemical forms; such as, in dolphin meat which has harmful levels of it. There are about 23 thousand dolphins killed only in Taiji, Japan every year.   Most cultures do not eat dolphin but it has almost been forced in certain countries; because dolphins we’re countless and it is another mode of raising money for the country. Unfortunately, they have rapidly been disappearing because of it. Mercury has been causing illness and death for those who don’t even know how to prevent it, or do not even know the cause of their disease.   Most people that live in the countries where the slaughter happens don’t know that it is occurring in their country, and that they could be the ones eating the meat.

Other then killing a dolphin for it’s meat, they have been used for our entertainment, in...


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