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Moral Issue on Private Healthcare

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the healthcare industry is a burgeoning financial institution, with the enhanced living standards of the greater community, more people can afford to pay closer attention to their health. As a consequence, a vast amount of private hospitals and clinics have started to appear more frequently. This has raised the debate of the morality behind profiting from people’s poor health when it is a basic human right and traditionally provided for free by the Government. I can sympathise with this point of view, but personally I am in favour of privatised healthcare, I feel this way for a number of reasons.

To begin with, it is undeniable that the Government play a crucial role in providing health care to the general public. Reflecting that health is a basic human need, most individual countries have public hospitals throughout both urban and rural areas. These hospitals are normally free of charge or much cheaper than private ones. However, private healthcare companies have many benefits the public sector simply cannot offer. They can afford to provide better living conditions, advanced equipment, larger rooms for patients and better paid staff; this is a strong incentive for better quality employees. For these reasons private hospitals are favourable to those who can afford it.

Secondly, due to a rapidly expanding population in both urban and rural areas, it is not unusual that in public hospitals there are long queues of people waiting for treatment. Making people who are seeking medical attention wait in long queues inevitably will create a number of problems both medical and social. Also in some extreme cases, public hospitals may not be able to respond fast enough to some patients who need immediate treatment due to a lack of human resources; in such cases tragedy would ensue.

Last but not least, some, in particular the smaller public hospitals, receive far less funding than in the private sector and therefore patients suffering from less common ailments due to...


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