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Unit 2: Education and Research Methods (SCYL2): General information

  * This exam in 2 Hours minutes duration
  * Each question is broken down into four parts, (a) to (d), each with its own mark allocation

Source material
  * The Education section (Question 1) in the examination will feature source material, or ‘items A’. This is designed to help you by providing information on which you may draw in your answer.
  * Sometimes a question will make a specific reference to an item, such as ‘With reference to item A’, or ‘Using evidence from Item A and elsewhere’. In these cases you should make quite sure that you clearly follow the instructions.

Education: The Specification
Candidates should examine:

  * Different explanations of the role of education system;

  * Different explanations of the different educational achievement of social groups by social class, gender and ethnicity;

  * Relationship and processes within schools, with particular reference to teacher/pupil relationships, pupil subcultures, the hidden curriculum and the organisation of teaching and learning;

  * The significance of state policies for an understanding of the role, impact and experience of education

1. Different explanations of the role & function of education

a) Functionalism

Functionalist view education in terms of the ‘functions’ it performs in society. This implies a consensual view of society. Education as an essential agency of socialisation whose function is to transmit common values to the next generation- a process crucial to the maintenance of social order in society.

Durkheim- Identifies particular subjects as important in enabling children to feel a sense of belonging to society. Education is needed for cultural transmission.
- History, citizenship, R.E, English.

Parsons- Schools provide a bridge between family and society at which universal values such as; achievement, individualism, competition and equality of opportunity are...


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