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What Is Science? Philosophy of Science

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What is Science?
Science has many definitions and understandings.   When asked for the first time in class at the very first lecture of this course, it sounded a little weird. It was weird because, it is shameful for a PhD student not to think about the meaning or concept of what science after those years doing science (maybe just an illusion of doing science).
Science might be defined as the joint human effort to understand the nature and the phenomenon going around over the world which affects or have the potential to affect the human beings.
The underlying phenomena of why people do science might be investigated mainly in two groups. In other words, the benefits of doing science might be classified in two groups.
One big motivation of doing science corresponds to the benefits associated with doing science in the individual level. For instance, people do science in order to feel themselves nobler than other people. In addition to this self satisfaction/motivation some scientists chose that path because they earn their paychecks by doing science. As long as they produce and research for new things they got paid.   The same is also true for the scientist those work for for-profit-organizations. They got their salaries or earn bonuses based on what they have added to the organization they are working for.
Of course the reasons to do science are not limited only to the above mentioned motivations or aims. There are also societal causes and motivations. This is also the reason behind why some nations pay people who are doing science.
One of the main underlying facts about doing science is that doing science improves people’s lives. By collecting and accumulating information people have a chance to understand what is going around them. The other reason/motivation of doing science is that science also adds to the economic development of the nations. By doing science and learning why things happen, nations or civilizations have a chance to manipulate and control...


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