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Science: Creation over Evolution

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Science: Creation over Evolution
The first scripture in the bible states, “ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The universe and the existence of the human race stood on this foundational truth until the theory of evolution was introduced in the 1800‘s. The author Charles Darwin wrote a book called, “ The Origin of Species,” which revealed a scientific theory based on the process of natural selection. Since, the creation-evolution controversy is a recurring cultural, political, and theological dispute about the origins of the earth, humanity, life, and the universe. In essence, science has become a focal point for many debates concerning creation and evolution. Numerous scientific studies, facts, and theories have been developed and produced in the past century to prove creation or evolution. Most believe the theory of evolution completely revolves around science to prove its theory. However, the opposition argument of creation has always been viewed to be favored by old traditionalists and religious people. In examining both creation and evolution;   scientific fact and faith will validate creationism as the leading theory in our search for “proof.”
Science is based on observable, repeatable experiments. This means that science is conducted in the present and not the past. Forensic science seeks to reconstruct the past based on the observable evidence in the present, but there is always uncertainty because the events were not observed, which of course, is the key ingredient to a good detective story. Evolution is not
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testable because we cannot observe the past. But, by the same logic, neither is creation testable. What we have is two conflicting beliefs about history, so the challenge is to determine which version of history best fits our observations so we have a reasonable basis for what we choose to believe. People who believe creationism usually do not base their belief upon science but rather faith. Though, through...


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