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The Qualities of a Perfect Park

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Terry He
ENG 099K
Essay #3
Feb 20th, 2011

                                        The Qualities of a Perfect Park

Many people hope they can find a perfect park. For me, finding a perfect park is important because it will provide a good outdoor environment, so that I can have a good time. While it is impossible for a park to be completely perfect, I expect a good park to have a high level of cleanliness, facilities, and maintenance.

If I go to a perfect park, I expect it to have much cleanliness. Cleanliness is the most important requirement for a perfect park. First, a perfect park must have clean grounds all the time. For example, there is no garbage anywhere because it is picked up every morning. Thus, this park looks beautiful. Second, a perfect park should have clean washrooms. For instance, floors are dry and spotless in the public washrooms. Therefore, it feels comfortable sitting on the toilet. A perfect park is not only must have cleanness, but also must have good facilities.

Very good facilities are another aspect which makes a park perfect.   Facilities are the equipment that people can take exercise and have fun. First, a perfect park must have exercise facilities. For example, people can play soccer or tennis on an outdoor field or court. Consequently, people can stay healthy if they can keep taking exercise every week. Second, children facilities are necessary for a perfect park. For instance, there is a playground with swings and sandbox for children to have fun. Thus, children can have fun and not sit before TV or computer all the time. A perfect park is not only should have good facilities, but also should have maintenance.

Being well-maintained is also important in making a perfect park. Maintenance is requisite for a perfect and keeps the park good. First, a perfect should fire some workers to keep the grounds well-groomed. For example, the workers cut the grass and trim the bushes. Therefore, it can prevent park from looking...


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