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Why Growing Numbers of People Shop Online

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Myra Smallwood McCormick "Why growing numbers of people are shopping online" ENG 1101 7, Feb. 2011

There are many reasons why more people are shopping online. Due to increases in e-commerce, the internet has become a huge curiosity shop, where people can buy anything from jet packs to medieval armor without leaving the comfort of their own homes. According to the Neilson Company, an overwhelming "76% of online users have reported buying at least one item online in the last year." (Mitchell). Looking beyond the numbers, what is the motivation behind these purchases? What really drives people to buy things online? One of the most prevalent reasons that people shop online is convenience. In a recent study published by Media Life Magazine, "fully 97 percent of online shoppers are motivated primarily by saving time and simplifying their lives." (Schlosberg). In other words, you could spend hours searching for that perfect gift at your local shopping mall. At the end of the day, you find yourself exhausted…and you may or may not have been able to find the gift that you set out to buy. In comparison, you would likely spend much less time searching for that same product online. The merchandise is delivered to your home within a few days, many times free of delivery charges. We are living in the digital age where most people would prefer to spend less time getting these things accomplished. Another reason many people buy online is to save money. According to the study mentioned previously by Media Life magazine, "36 percent are additionally motivated by saving money."(Schlosberg). Even among more price-conscious shoppers, it's worth reiterating that price is not their primary motivation. They tend to shop for prices only after they have decided on a particular product or service." This consumer will value the shopping bot programs that are designed to search out the lowest available price for any particular item. Some of the most popular shopping bots can be found at...


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