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Blood Brothers - Paper

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What message is Willy Russell trying to give in the play ‘Blood Brothers’

The play ‘Blood Brothers’ was originally published in the 1980s. This was a time where a recession came across Britain and many people were left out of work and on unemployment benefit or the ‘dole’ in the term the play uses.
‘Blood Brothers’ and Willy Russell highlights the unfairness of the class system and how the middle class looks down upon the working class also that the system surely effects them both but in different ways.
Even the idea that twins can become part of different classes because of money and there family is extremely unfair as you cannot choose what family you have so this can have a change on your education.
The working class may choose to look at superstition, as it is just as reasonable as the unfairness of the class system.

In the play ‘Blood Brothers’ there are two different classes used, the working class and the middle class. Mrs Johnstone symbolizes the working class. The stereotype of the working class is that they are poorly educated, hard working, confident. You can tell that Mrs Johnstone is poorly educated is because she is very superstitious for example ‘Don’t put new shoes on the table’ the quote shows that she believes putting new shoes on a table brings you bad luck this is superstition.

Mrs Lyons is the stereotype of the middle class. She has a big house ‘It’s a pretty house isn’t it? It’s a pity its so big’ her husband has an important job ‘on a business trip’ also Mrs Lyons also tells lies to many people including her husband for example ‘Ill tell him they were wrong, the doctors were wrong ,Im having a baby’ this is untrue. Mrs Lyons can control Mrs Johnstone by making up superstition as Mrs Johnstone believes them.

The idea of that class can control your life is very unreasonable as you can not to choose what class you are. Edward who is middle class goes on to university and gets a well paid job. Mickey on the other hand ends up in...


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