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Monlogue on Behalf of the Fool

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Monologue on behalf of the fool.

Fool: What was he thinking? How could he be so stupid and banish his own daughter? His only decent daughter for that, and all because she was trying to tell the truth.
I’m so annoyed at King Lear, He was a great king but now his rash and spontaneous decisions have cost him his daughter. She was a good daughter to him, faithful and always respectful. Unlike her spiteful pair of sisters, how could Lear be blinded by his daughters Regan and Gonerills false affections. It’s only a matter of time before they abuse what they were given and over power Lear.
      I can’t believe a noble and smart king like Lear couldn’t see two people so close to him deceiving him right in front of his face, im the court Jester and even I can see the lies and false smiles that are upon Regan and Gonerills faces.
      I don’t know how to handle the whole situation. On one hand I feel like I should be faithful to my good friend Cordelia and on the other I feel a duty to respect the king. He has always treated me well and we’ve always had a good relationship. I want to tell the truth, but after all I am only the court jester. What do I know? It’s not my place to say. But now that Lear is no longer king he has less power so I feel a little more confident about expressing myself.


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