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Discontent Among the Working Classes Was the Main Reason for the Downfall of the Tsar in March 1917

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Discontent among the working classes was the main reason for the downfall of the Tsar in March 1917
• How far do you agree with this statement?          

I disagree with this statement because ultimately the people of Russia believed he lacked the qualities of a leader, and as many of the people were poor, hungry, discriminated against, living and working in bad conditions the Tsar was blamed. The turmoil of the country was on Nicholas's shoulders and it was his fault that he had to abdicate in 1917 after his poor work in his role.
Russia entering into World War One in 1914 was, I believe, a key reason why the Tsar was forced to abdicate three years later in 1917. At firstly, World War One was greeted with patriotism and enthusiasm but after it was proved that the tsar was incapable of governing his nation so he lost popularity quickly. However without other more long term causes such as the tsar’s autocratic leadership, size of Russia and opposition parties the failure of the tsar throughout World War 1 wouldn't alone have caused the abdication of the Tsar in 1917.
Russia had many difficulties that had not been solved by the beginning of the 20th Century which could not be solved by the power of an autocracy. Russia had an unfair class system where the conditions of the workers and peasants were unfair because of living conditions and insufficient payment. Workers and peasants made up a majority of the army which fought in World War One. The soldiers were faced with defeat and death, armed with no rifles or ammunition, all because of the incapable generals and the Tsar who allowed them to be appointed. In September 1915 when Nicholas decided to go to the front and run the war himself, he trusted the tsarina to run Russia. This is because lack of success throughout the war increased unpopularity towards the Tsar.
Tsar Nicholas was proven a weak ruler of a vast country with over 125 million people spread over Europe and Asia. The Tsar could not rule...


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