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Discuess Study Abroad or Study Your Home Country

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Not surprisingly, education has undergone considerable changes in recent years.In current society, the rapid developing of economy, the competition s stiff. There is no deny that the number of people choose to study abroad get better education. Though, some people believe that is all likelihood better to study at home rather than study abroad in some way, due to different culture to living and studying. For my angle, I reckon study abroad is better than study at home.
First of all, the subject which people choice study abroad that many academic subject is more advanced and brilliant in developed countries .It would be expand their outlook and better to learning some relevant knowledge. For example, as we know, in some Western countries, like Britain and America. The education in there is famous for good quality, reputation and available qualification. And also schooling will encourage the students to think critically and independent. It is an indispensable part of academic study. Genellary many course will do presentation and group work, good chance for everyone to participant practices themselves, more confidence and cooperation. The quotation of Robert Maynard Hutchins said “The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” The pulpous of education in western is like this. Therefore it should be benefit for their future career and fulfill their potential. The second reason for my propensity for study abroad means not only just study academic knowledge, but also could experience totally different culture, such as customs, rites, rituals and mores, etc. It is obvious that promote the cultural communication and interaction between different countries. As well as synthesize the Asian and Western cultures, which make your brain more flexible and enhance your comprehensive. Last but not least, the root cause of study abroad for some people is for learning lingua franca. Therefore, study abroad is in the best interests of...


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