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Tourism - Essay 5

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Nowadays, tourism has a dramatically increase over the globe, but at the same time there is a topic of discussion about whether a host country should accept other visitors’ cultural differences. My opinion is we should follow the local culture and behavior where visitors are going to.

Firstly, as visitors we should show respect to other countries’ culture and behavior. Getting enough and clear understanding of it, show us a full respect to different tradition and as a return, visitors usually get a warm welcome. At the same time, through these culture visitors will get a better mutual understanding with countries where they are. Seco                       ndly, learning the local culture and behavior takes a primary role in improving local economic development, for visitors can have a basic communication with the resident and buy some little memento more easily. Lastly, “do in Rome as Rome does” also has an impact of keeping the society especially tourism attraction much more harmonious. For instance, Muslims have a tradition that they never eat any pork and it is this culture that will cause a conflict between local people and visitors just because they have no idea about this.

Even so, host country welcoming cultural differences still has some advantages. The culture differences between countries brought by visitors are very useful in culture communication. These differences not only exist in the communication but also bring some several benefits to preserve the cultural diversities. Further, the host country could use opportunity to learn the elite part of other culture in many fields, like education arts and etc. Thus the local culture can insist own tradition and advance with the times, which will make the whole culture more gorgeous.

Overall, although both of these two policies have advantage, it still all depend on the level openness of a country, if the country prefer absorb and accept new information the second policy will be best choice. I still...


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