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Fermentation Lab Paper

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Stefany Valverde
Honors biology
Mrs. Sheldon
Lab Report
Lab Title: Fermentation Lab
  I. Introduction:
Identify the problem:   What are the products of fermentation by yeast cells?
Purpose:   To determine the products of fermentation
Hypothesis:   If live yeast and grape juice are placed in one flask and just grape juice is placed in another glass for a certain amount of hours with a balloon placed on the opening of both of the flasks, then the balloon placed on the flask with live yeast and grape juice will generate a more reactive chemical reaction.
Background Information: Fermentation typically is the conversion of carbohydrates to alcohols and carbon dioxide or organic acids using yeasts, bacteria, or a combination of them, under anaerobic conditions. A more understandable definition of fermentation is the chemical conversion of sugars into ethanol. Fermentation usually implies that the action of microorganisms is desirable, and the process is used to produce alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, and cider. Fermentation is also employed in the leavening of bread, and for preservation techniques to create lactic acid in sour foods such as sauerkraut, dry sausages, and yogurt.

  II. 125mL flask
125mL flask
  1. 2 125mL Erlenmeyer flasks
  2. 75mL of grape juice for each flask
  3. 25mL of yeast
  4. 2 balloons
  III. Procedure: (diagram)balloon
Add only 75mL of grape juice and NO yeast!!
Add only 75mL of grape juice and NO yeast!!
125 mL flask
125 mL flask
Add 75mL of grape juice and 25ml of yeast
Add 75mL of grape juice and 25ml of yeast

  IV. Results:
Data Table:
Table1: Fermentation Lab Observations (temperature of flask/yeast solution over time in Celsius)
Time | Control/ boiled yeast (celcius) | Exp./ live yeast( celcius) |
7am | 20 | 20 |
8am | 21 | 23 |
9am | 21 | 25 |
10am | 21 | 27 |
11am | 21 | 27 |
12pm | 21 | 28 |...


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