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Positive and Negativies of Video Games

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Positive and Negatives of Video Games

Kaluumn Maple


The video game industry is a multi-million dollar industry. The success of these companies is largely due to children and teenagers between six and sixteen years old. The interaction, sound and graphics make video games almost irresistible to children. Many games are often marketed   as educational and are said to have added medical benefits. Research has proved that in some respects this is true but there are two sides to everything. There are also many disadvantages to video games that should be considered.

Children who play video games are said to have better vision then children who don’t play. Vision tests have been conducted and players of video games test better compared to non players. Both vision accuracy and peripheral vision are both improved quite significantly.   As well as this a player’s hand eye co-ordination is also greatly improved from using hand controls when playing video games such as the Playstation 2.

Other benefits to playing video games can be found from playing puzzle and mystery games. From playing these types of games, a player’s logical thinking skills and ability to apply themselves to problem solving is also greatly improved.

Educational games also help improve communication and alertness. A player of educational games ability to locate things easily is also greatly increased. Teachers in America have also seen an improvement in student’s maths, spelling and reading abilities. The American government is trying to find a way to integrate such games into the classroom. Video games also help young children learn, as when playing and having fun, they don’t realise they are learning their numbers and letters. This can also aid older children who are resistant to traditional teaching methods.

Playing video games can take players into a fantasy world. They experience things that they could never experience in reality like fighting dragons, attacking mutants,...


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